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I read the Splash Mountain article once every couple of months and it still makes me laugh. It’s my favorite ClickHole.

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I know you've been a big Obama supporter - have your feelings for him changed since his re-election? Many liberals have somewhat soured on his administration due to things like the various NSA allegations and the use of drones, and others feel like he hasn't done enough on certain liberal issues, such as gay marriage. How would you rate his presidency on a scale of 1-10?

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I generally feel the same way. But then I ask myself if I would've gotten worked into a lather if this came out during the Bush presidency.

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I follow you on Twitter, and I can't help but notice your regular efforts to have dialogues with Rob Delaney. You don't really do this with any other celebs/comedians (at least not regularly), so it kind of sticks out from the rest of your Twitter feed. I would even venture to say you're a Rob Delaney Twitter groupie. Can you explain your obsession with him?

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How long does it take to develop each year's Post Hunt? I've been to almost every one (and the one I missed, the team I would've been on came in second, natch), and they're a blast, but I'm guessing it takes a ton of planning to pull off. At what point do you start brainstorming it?

Also, which clue was the biggest logistical nightmare? I seem to recall there being some concern about cannon statues inadvertently aimed in the direction of the White House.