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Sounds like you're in a position to use the spot you're taking up on the crew to do some real good, other than just self discovery and personal satisfaction.

Have you considered tutoring the kind folks you're working with? They could really get a leg up in life.

Don't be afraid to make personal connections and help your new friends in meaningful ways with your significant life advantages.

I once worked at a carnival to spend time with a girlfriend who was working there. A terrible job for terrible employers that I didn't need. Because unlike my co workers I didn't need the job, I was able to speak up on all of our behalf when I saw predatory labour practices.

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One of the hard parts of CO2 capture is locking it in permanently, and one of the biggest CO2 villains is cement.

Have you thought of ways that technogy along these lines could be worked into the terrestrial economy to decarbonize the atmosphere?

So much biomass releases CO2 constantly (and methane!), from agriculture and livestock to grass clippings. Nature is constantly capturing carbon, if we could just lock it all into building materials...

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Wow, very cool.

Forestry waste would be ideal for this. "Plant trees" is the most misunderstood carbon capture method. Almost no tree planting is carbon negative or even carbon neutral.