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I don't have any data about this, but polling people who fear being assassinated is on my to-do list ... as long as nobody kills me first.

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Buying my book is correlated with being smart, funny, and ridiculously good-looking. If you're not already smart, funny, and ridiculously good-looking ... maybe buying my book will have a causative effect.

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Do you enjoy being tall? If not ...

Height: "In general, 37 percent of people find garden gnomes to be creepy. But among those who are not happy with their height, 56 percent find garden gnomes to be creepy." http://www.correlated.org/1029

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Stair climbing: "In general, 44 percent of people don't show their teeth when they smile for photos. But among those who like to ascend stairs two at a time, 58 percent don't show their teeth when they smile for photos." http://www.correlated.org/844

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I don't have the data to prove this, but if I had to guess ... public indecency convictions.