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Isn't this the way with governments.

They wait 50-100 years to admit they made a mistake... while continuing to make the same mistakes in the present.

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To clarify, what requirements are necessary for this to happen?

Could it yield a Muslim-style internment camp ALA WWII Japanese camps if there were another 911?

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As a random American, what can I do to strengthen American/Iranian relations?

I feel that demagogue on both sides are the only people who control the conversation.

I know for a fact that there are really nice and awesome people in Iran. There are great people in America too.

I'm sure some Iranian people probably have negative feelings towards America but I'd like to help neutralize that.

Anyway... Just an American saying that I want peace and for Iranians and Americans to be friends :)

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Number 4 is the most important honestly.

If you ENJOY yourself and do what you LOVE it's super fun!

Then #1 is easy because the work isn't HARD... it's FUN and you end up working constantly. you're doing GOOD work because you're passionate about it. And the bastards can't drag you down because you're having so much fun!

That's been my trick since I was a kid. I have ADD so it was always hard for me to go through the conventional route.

I just have fun with it and I've been very successful in my career.

I mean look at ALL these guys. Krauss, Tyson, Dawkins. They fucking love what they're doing!

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There's something weird about being impaired which makes you REALLY want to get home.

In hindsight it makes sense to just sleep it off in the car.

I wonder if bars should be required to have some sort of cheap 'sleep it off' accommodations. More like a hostel... and you pay for it BEFORE you are drunk and the bar decides whether you must stay there before they give you back your keys (and deposit).

I support the personal right to use drugs (including mj, lsd, mushrooms, etc) but people must be responsible.