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I went to a room where one of the puzzles was the sound of two people having sex in a next door room and you had to move a lever to her instructions for how he should fuck her. "up a bit, to the left, push harder" etc. It was funny and a good puzzle.

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Hi, i have a bunch of questions.

  1. What is the coolest things that you have made a robot do?
  2. I want to build a life size robot tiger (building robots always seemed more fun than programming them)
  3. 2.a How do you replicate muscles on robots that mimic animals?
  4. 2.b If I built it and put it's details on the internet, would you be interested in writing code for it?
  5. 2.c How long will it take before we have robot tiger pets that act like real pets? (except with less eating of owners)
  6. If i wanted to work in the MIT robotics lab but not as a student/researcher, what can I do?

Thank you!

Edit: I have no idea how to format things.