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As lead Moderator of /r/Hawaii, I will verify you as a local, and regular contributor to /r/Hawaii.

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How would you solve the problem with trying the detainees at Gitmo and how would you bring about an end to the war on terror?

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A recent Reddit discussion on Lava Property rights. http://www.reddit.com/r/Hawaii/comments/2klu4u/if_lava_flow_adds_land_to_your_water_front/ You still own your own land but if the Lava creates more land at the ocean, then the land belongs to the state. You could have ocean front property but lose the ocean due to a lava flow.

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I know this maybe an inappropriate question but here goes: Recently there have been stories of gang rapes and violence towards women in India. Number 1. Are these long standing occurrences or has the Western media just been focusing on a recent situation? Number 2. In America some studies have shown that girls and women who have been raped or molested is around 25%, Does India have similar statistic or is it better or worse? Number 3. Does the social status or "Caste" of the girls/women have an effect on potential for rape?

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Is Last Man on Earth going to continue to be all about relationship drama and no end of the world drama?