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Yeah, but it would take a Fios customer like a month and a half. Don’t assume it’s a business. I’d actually guess it’s far more likely that you’re backing up someone’s Plex library.

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Lactose? Literally zero? My intolerance is basically off the chart at this point.

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I'm in for 5. I'll take 20 if you can cram a 10Gbe port in there. I'd accept a slightly throttled CPU if needed when at a 10Gb link speed.

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Seconded, or thirded, or whatever. Make sure it's got a remote console too.

Even if not, can you do something about the lack of Server 2012 R2 drivers for the current product line? I just setup an i5 box for a remote office and the Intel driver utility only offered me chipset drivers, not the others, and no matter what I did, I couldn't get the network drivers to install. I had to unpack them with 7-zip, then force an install for i219 using the INF.

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Nice. I refuse to eat most vegan “cheese”, tastes terrible, and I’ve tried a lot.

I’m limited to things like 2-3 year old Parmigiano Reggiano or decade old cheddar, and even then, only with handfuls of German Lactojoy pills (they work better than Lactaid).

I’ll keep my eyes open for your product.