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Exactly. Nothing stops multiple travellers from combining 3oz containers once they're past security anyway.

The fact that the rule is still in place, inconveniencing millions of travellers, wasting resources and time, while it is completely ineffectual speaks volumes regarding the competency of the TSA. The fact that the majority of Americans can't comprehend this and continue to make excuses for the brain-dead security measures makes me seriously concerned for the future of our democracy.

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I had a system installed about 14 months ago and it's working well so far. Two issues though:

  • The installers put the solar module right outside our bedroom window, so if we sleep with the windows open we get a rude awakening from the industrial relays clicking on and off slowly for 10 minutes when the sun rises. It seems strange that the box doesn't have a better way to tell when the sun it up, other than trying to power-up, finding it doesn't have the juice, then shutting down, clicking every time. Any thoughts?

  • The panels have started to creak more lately in the morning/evening when the temperature changes. Have you ever run into this, and would lubricating the mounting hardware help?

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No shit! I got a leaky 750ml from TJ's a year or so ago... wonder if it was from the same batch.

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My upper-middle-class friend from NYC just had a similar experience after forgetting about a dime in her pocket.

It's traumatic and a shame on our nation that we allow it to continue.

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Any fruits you'd recommend for a southern California homeowner looking to try something new?

You already responded to another question regarding poisonous fruits, but I'm curious - what kind of scrutiny do fruits undergo before opening them up to a larger audience? I'd worry that a new fruit, while not making you immediately sick, might cause problems later on, from mutagenic compounds, allergic reactions, or from interactions with drugs. For instance, I know that there are many local berries(manzanita or hollywood berries) that are fine in limited amounts, but eating too many will exceed your body's ability to clear cyanide.

Was there ever a fruit you ran across that was delicious, yet toxic?

The first exotic fruit I ever tasted was a cherimoya from a farmer's market in central California. It absolutely blew my mind. Where would you rate cherimoyas in the pantheon of fruit?