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I do the same thing!

There was a point in my life where I was unemployed (I like to say it was my early retirement period). During this time I was very down on my self. I was living underneath an acquaintances dining room table. He said that he was entering a fun contest online that was more about just writing. And since film jobs are scarce in Chicago I thought what the hell.

I had been sending out resumes, calling businesses, and begging for interviews for a year (whether film wise or just any job.). Every day I sent out at least one resume and each day I didn’t get a response back or a response that was to tell me that the job was taken, it felt like I had failed. I thought why not take a break and do something to get my mind off of depression and my life.

For a month I wrote. I am not a writer, but an idealist and conceptual mind. This “novel” was not really to join the online “contest”, but to vent and get aggression, ideas, pain, and happiness somewhere and just simply have something to do. I never attained to have the ability to write professionally. I simply needed something good in my life to do at the moment.

I wrote for the month, but my venting was just that, venting. Simple ideas here and there with some form of theme, but the writing didn’t stop! I loved that I had something that was truly mine! I wrote diligently for the next 8 months, had a “finished” novel.

Now, I have a book with Create Space. A BOOK! No one can take that from me. It is and will always be displayed on my walls, shelves, and be carried with me wherever I go

Shame full self plug: Culminate by Matthew J Vince

P.S. this in NOT a children's book.

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Do you guys need a music composer? Also I do music and sound design/editing. I'm in Chicago btw!


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I'm a composer. I would be happy to help! Just shoot me a message.


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No problem. I'll be waiting for the finished project!