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I'm so down to play some Civ 5 MP Father

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What, to you, is the most rewarding aspect of being a priest?

What is the most challenging?

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Just to hop in, while the Church doesn't require that we take the entirety of the Adam/Eve/Eden story literally, the important part is that there was a Fall, a first sin that led to our first parents' loss of sanctifying grace.

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Just to help clarify a bit, this is not Benedict saying that the use of condoms is a morally acceptable means of combating the AIDS epidemic. What he is saying is that someone's use of a condom could represent "the first step of responsibility", as in they are at least trying to do something to mitigate the possible damage to the person they are engaging in sexual relations with. This is no way is a statement that condom use is moral, just that it could represent a paradigm shift for the user.