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Another big fan here. You and the lads have been an important part of my life for…what? 30 years now? I can’t express how much your works have meant to me.

Question: while many of us primarily know you from riffing, you have a meaningful body of work outside that. What work(s) would you like more of us to have seen/to know about?

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Your personal medical stuff is, duh, totally your own business and not any of ours... but I, too, am very, very happy to hear you're feeling better. :)

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Will the NatGeo special be available on DVD at somepoint? (or blu-ray, download, etc)

Call me a optimistic, but I have a feeling this is something I'm going to want to have around for a while. :)

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I got to see Turkey Day last year. It was magnificent and really made the day special.

When putting together special events like this, do you/Shout Factory have much trouble getting broadcast rights worked out? Are there episodes you would have liked to have shown, but couldn't?