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really really fast. but i suppose that depends on whether it's a monday or a friday.

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I think people looking for "cheat-codes" is a thing of the younger generations. They look for them everywhere (both trading and non trading). Even my wife sometimes tries decoding and manipulating discount codes for online shopping to get an edge. It's only natural that they try it with the stock market.

The fact that we have so many brokers entering the field, and hurrying up to offer such complex financial instruments without fully understanding them, opens up the opportunities for them to overlook stuff. In the case of Guh guy, he actually was not the first to get infinite money. u/1r0nyman first discovered a variant of this exploit almost a year before Guh guy in a spectacular fashion.

The younger generation's mentality coupled with the speed at which the brokerage and financial industry is changing is the perfect combination to find and exploit these kinds of loop holes. There will undoubtedly be more of them.

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I have a lot of thoughts on that, you'd have to elaborate your question.

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The message I meant to transmit with my book title, was that grown-ups (or boomers) are to blame for enabling risk-seeking millennials to treat the stock market the way they do.

Millennials certainly play their part for doing what they're doing with the market, but it wouldn't be possible if they didn't have the tools, motivation and regulatory blessing to do so.

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Holy shit prop how've you been??? I'm good, thanks for asking. you?

How many of the original wsb crew are still around?

Most of them still hang out in IRC. I gave them a shout-out in the foreword:

To my good friends—park, talon, phaser, bacon, o2, rm, the russian, boshi, leesin, TL, greb, and rawb—thank you for the endless hours of fun, enlightening, educational, and inspirational conversations.

I'd have thrown you in there but haven't seen you in years. Hope you're well.