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Just to fap?

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Just wondering why, if this is a potentially revolutionary vaccine, it's not in one of the holy trinity journals? Why not aim high?

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We meet again.

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Nope. Still not passing the smell test. Impact factor just above 3? For the supposedly revolutionary work that is supposed to vaccinate against HIV? The solution to the modern-day scourge on humanity is going to be published in a journal alongside, well, all this stuff?

Ok and also your comment is pretty off-base. The "broad impact" goal of big journals does not mean that the research they publish must be eminently useful to all branches of science, but instead extremely important in their own field. If the criteria to publish in Nature, Cell or Science was that they had to be inter-disciplinary, there would be like 10 papers published per year.

Look, this guy is saying, "fund me, I'm going to cure AIDS and give it to everyone!", but he's not telling us how and quite obviously their work isn't cool enough to make it into a major, broad journal. It sounds a lot like snakeoil to me and I think we should be skeptical.

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Yeah ok wait. Go back to the part where a vaccine against a virus that kills 5000 a day is not broad enough?