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How do you feel films could be classified better? I agree censorship is maybe outdated, but also believe age ratings are probably for the best. That said, i do feel once an 18 has been given, it should be up to the director (or whoever makes the decision) as to what scenes should be included or left out, and not the BBFC or anyone else saying that there are too many "cunts" for even an 18 certificate.

I certainly hope your film brings about a discussion on film classification and censorship in this age, though the glass half empty side of me says you face an uphill battle.

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I've heard that a D-Notice has been placed on the press around reporting the number of victims. any truth to this?

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Australia's censorship laws are equally arbitrary from everything I've read, have you thought to get this before the censors this in other jurisdictions that have arbitrary censorship and film classification laws?