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How did Dizzy Heights come together musically as an album? I can't imagine you sitting down with an acoustic guitar and pulling a track like "Dive Bomber" out of nowhere.

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Do you think musicians have more of an advantage or disadvantage in making it in the industry now as opposed to say 20/30 years ago? If that's a little too much then more simply put, has the music industry changed for the better over the past few decades?

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If you could collaborate with any musician, living or dead, who and why?

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Oh this is perfect, I'm as of this moment in quite a dilemma... I'm about to put my dishwasher on, and I'm wondering if my Tim Hortons travel mug is dishwasher proof? It's a plastic one, as opposed to the fancy metal ones. It doesn't say anywhere whether it is or isn't, so I haven't taken the risk as of yet. Can you help me out?

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What's your drink of choice?