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did the dog die instantly?

where were the parents?

For some reason the context made me read this as "where were the [dog's] parents?" the first time, making it the most adorable, wide-eyed little-kid question of the entire thread.

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Barter's fun, but incredibly inefficient. That's why money was invented. The real fun part about trading things is meeting people and making a deal. Cash is more wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, if you pardon the expression. There's room for both in this world of ours.

Well, and for the most part, the reason the second half of these upward trades worked was the publicity around it at that point. A pen for a paperclip? Sure dude, whatever. Sounds fun. But most people who have a van are not going to be able to shop it around for a recording contract if they don't have the steam of a popular web phenomenon behind them. So it isn't like this was just another round of bartering. The novelty of being first made a big difference.

More power to you, of course. It's a great story and a very clever idea. But it isn't like "This is what bartering's like, and normal transactions are what cash is like."

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I'm Victoria... hi.

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Yeah I noticed 30 Rock hasn't picked up a single Emmy ever.

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Hey, Jim! How's it going? I've always loved your quote when accused of perfectionism that you're "not a perfectionist, but a greatist". I use that all the time!

Did you know they would be naming the robot on "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" Cameron, or was that a surprise?