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First off, thanks for doing this! So the football allows the President to launch a nuclear attack at anytime, correct? If this is so, what role (if any) can the Joint Chiefs of Staff or other military leaders play in potentially stopping this action?

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So essentially, the only thing stopping a nuclear attack from happening initiated by the President through the nuclear football is a subordinate who defies orders? Are the people in this chain of command Generals or high-ranking military officers? Or are we talking about "greener" individuals?

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Interesting. Thanks for your input on this.

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I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this. Trump is only a peripheral concern IMO. Yes, to be honest, I do not feel totally comfortable with him having access to the nuclear codes. But I don't think ANY President should have this level of authority over our nuclear arsenal. That's why I was careful to not name Trump in my questions. But thanks again for weighing in.

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What would an attack started with the nuclear football look like? Are we talking about an all-out offensive of everything we have? Or would it be a limited strike?