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i play the video games with nice fellas who help me keep the darkness locked away within <3

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the video took about 3 months for full production, start to finish including revisions. we use Flash to animate.

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here are some answers from a couple animators who worked on the RaM/RtJ video:

Nick Leong: it's much easier if you consider it a discipline rather than a motivation thing since motivation comes and goes but discipline is consistent. Like how you never forget to brush your teeth I hope

Sandra D Rivas: it's motivating when you work with friends, at least from my experience

as for myself, i'm not much of an animator lately, I'm more managerial now. but, if i had to say, i would say that the best thing that's helped me is keeping my eyes on the prize, whatever that prize may be at any given time. different things work with different people, but obsessing is what works for me.

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we're located in southern Washington. you can join by applying at [email protected] and sending in your portfolio / demo reel. if you seem like a good fit, we'll give you a shot.

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i don't have a good answer to this, but here's an answer from yotta animator JesusAcHe:

"The more I know about animation, the more I realize how little I actually know."