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That's more of a gonzo thing

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He was a regular cast member in The B in apt. 23 (ABC), as well, which was much funnier than it looked from the commercials

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That's the most important / least asked question, in my mind. I see everyone (rightly) analyzing and criticizing Israel's strategy, but rarely ever see any serious discussion of Hamas' strategy. This is normal for a pure terrorist organization, because no one has any reasonable expectation of being able to reason or negotiate with them; Diplomacy is considered wasted with such people. But they are not just a terrorist organization anymore, they are an elected representatives for the Gazan people and they should be held to a higher standard. The discussion of Hamas' strategy that I do see is usually conjecture and accusation. I'd love to see them interviewed by reporters and taken to task for their behavior, and to have to justify their actions, and try to set expectations.

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So do you think people are just being shady or selfish, or is this largely on the name of protecting people's personal health information? I'm not a scientist, but I've supported some from an IT perspective, and I mean transparency would be easy as heck if it weren't for all these patients.