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If you could make whatever movie you wanted to what would it be about and why? I mean this without the restriction/interference of hollywood studio moguls.

P.S. I think you fathered one of my good friends... he's a spitting image of you minus the fact he's built like a stick. :D

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Damn, 5 years on Dialysis... that is a long time. My father is going through the same thing. He can't even get on the Donor list though because he had a tumor in his bladder 11 months ago.

I can only imagine how bad this has to be for someone who is only 36.

How did you end up on Dialysis?

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How many times do you have to go? How much do they have to pull off of you? You look healthy so I can only assume that you're watching your liquids.

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I have no idea. His bladder went to hell along with his kidneys after he got an infection in the bone from a diabetic ulcer.... the docs gave him a hardcore antibiotic without checking his kidney function.