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What was the first thing you wanted to do after going home?

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What was the lesson you learned overseas that you most wanted your children to know?

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What do you think of niche dating sites like farmer's only? Do you think it's a fad or will they persist in the marketplace?

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I like consider myself an entrepreneurial scientist so please bear with me if my proposal seems a bit outlandish. A brief wikipedia search yields that each female can make their own nest, this should simplify I imagine the cultivation method. I don't know what this is, but I can make an assumption that A) you have found the most efficient nests and B) you are mostly limited by manpower and space (land). Without knowing the specifics of your method, and assuming bees are capable of adjusting to various altitudes, could you not go vertical and increase the density of both habitat and food? Perhaps by building alternating food and habitat housing using the most economical energy or pollen rich plants that you can find, that would be a potential way to scale your bee production?

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Congrats by the way not just for the award but for being able to use it as a platform to inspire others. I read somewhere that parents who are more involved show better education outcomes. I've been working with some partners on a new conceptual app that will make it easier to facilitate parent-teacher communication using mobile devices. Have you noticed a difference personally between students you have been able to create a dialog with their parents vs students whose parents just aren't reachable? Do you think an app that could theoretically increase the number of parents you could reach would make a dent in improving education or are there bigger problems out there to solve in your mind?