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Having had a littlebrother who died of braincancer, do you believe your research could be used to combat cancer types other than skincancers?

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As a non-American, what can I do to help?

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Thanks for your condolences, but it happened 15 years ago - he's been dead for longer than he was alive - I've had time to process my grief. I wish my family did as well - I'm fairly certain that the reason my parents broke up was because mom couldn't move on and refused psychological help because psychologists 'were something mentally ill people used'. She neglected to tell people at her new job that she had a dead son for a decade. I'm still not sure if they know or not.

Glad to hear your research might have some relevance though! We're all going to have to do our part to beat cancer in its many forms; I'm not a doctor, but I donate blood, plasma, and marrow when able.