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Coming up with topics is the hardest part. We read a lot. We talk to each other in the office all day long to try to figure out what's interesting. We go places. We call people and ask them questions about the world. Sometimes those questions are just, What's going on?

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I did not take a single econ class in college. I was an English major.

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Favorite episode is a hard one. Chana's story How Four Drinking Buddies Saved Brazil is way up there. Other podcasts I listen to include WTF, Longform, 99% Invisible, Radiolab, This American Life, Fresh Air

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Ha! You can ask me anything, but I don't have to answer.

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Good question! We're all sitting here in the office talking about it.

One big idea that I've been thinking about a lot lately: Productivity gains. Specifically: The way the standard of living rises in the long term is through productivity gains. Sounds boring, but is super important.

We tried to get at this in our recent podcast, The History of Light