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YES. does he qualify for any special residency visa for the UK? If he hasn't already done so, he should go to Islamabad and discuss his situation with the British consulate. They may be able to get him started on all of the legal proceedings he needs to knock out in order to enter the UK. He may also be interested in registering with the UNHCR as a refugee. They will support him while he handles the legal stuff for obtaining a visa.

If that does not work, DM me. I may know of some safe houses in Pakistan and surrounding countries that he could use...but he will ultimately need a visa to go anywhere legally.

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We are certainly not blameless in this.

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you bet. There is no way I would do that without some vetting.

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This right here is the million-dollar question.

I cannot give specifics until the mission is over, because even the Taliban can read. If I give too many specifics then I just played my hand and any single part of the plan could fail. But in broad strokes...I will play the game the way everyone else wants it played. Official travel, meeting official travel requirements, through official means. The part that has to remain a little mysterious here, for security's sake, is who is officiating.

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A little. I have always been very private with my SM accounts for that reason, but the payoff for putting myself out there and drawing attention to this is potentially far greater than any other option could provide. As far as my own personal safety goes, while overseas, I am not concerned at all. I am working from a safe distance and there is no risk of anyone recognizing me and blowing the whole thing. I am not one of the brave who is sneaking around inside of Afghanistan escorting people to safety... my wife would kill me before the Taliban ever could.