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Your a gentleman and a good human being..a child is a gift and your acceptance makes you a cut above the rest. Best of luck to you and your new family!

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I am glad that you are taking a realistic approach to your dilemma and the options. I personally have been in a similar situation and made a decision as to what i will do if faced with going through it again, i'll just leave. Just remember that whatever the prognosis is, they have been proven wrong as many times as they have being right. Stay tough (hell, you've already proven you are) May the Swartz be with you.

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Best of luck to you, create your own positive future..the world is at your feet...63 yr old here, i often wonder what it would be like to start off again. Work hard..it always pays off in more ways than you can ever imagine.

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Congratulations for being alive.

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Well said fellow Texan. Im thinking about having me and the tree fed BBQ sauce.