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First of all thanks for supporting! Since our game is mostly player on player...we feel that it will be endlessly changing and dynamic, one of the main reasons we made this MP to start with. About the hard science..I think you'll find it makes the dogfights more hard core and interesting..it certainly does not get in the way!

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Zerraspace is one of us, BTW!

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Thanks so much random_guy! Our team has been working hard to craft an intricate backstory and we're stoked to be able to finally show it off! You will have one character, yourself! However, the ships you earn and get rid of are all up to you and we will offer a lot of those as well as tons of cool components and weapons

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Hey TG...It's a simple answer...we could spend millions of dollars developing AI and it would never be as good as almost the most terrible of players. Dave and I both designed and built single player games and you would not believe how many tricks and smoke and mirrors you have to do to make it seem smart. I think there is money in single player games but to make them compete these days against companies spending 150 million plus on games, its just not possible for a small studio like ours. You should give our game a try...we will be adding some single player combat and we think our MP will be something special.

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We are mostly PVP, but we are going to offer some single player missions too!