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My point exactly. That's why I am so vocal on this matter. I remember when I first visited my father he still had a 20 year old driver's license that gave the cashier pause when he tried to pay with a check. It's not what you see in the movies. The families don't get real support and the documents we get don't hold up under scrutiny. I had to get help every time I tried to register for school etc. That's why I came forward. When my kids couldn't get health insurance because I didn't have a proper birth certificate I couldn't take it anymore.

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I was put in the program as a child when my father became a witness. I am what is called a breached member of WITSEC, and I have breached my security because I was having so many problems with obtaining identity forms - my passport.. getting health insurance etc. Did I sign any papers when I was 7 years old? No, so they still have to help me, but I have breached my security because when I went to the press in 2010 because they weren't responding to my urgent needs.

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This is the reason that I came forward. People get their information from goodfellas - or my Blue Heaven - and it ain't goodfellas with a suburban house and free newspaper delivery. We got dumped in a crappy motel for 2 months and that was it.

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My main concern is children who were put into WITSEC. I want to see that they all have a handler specifically assigned to them that will carry trough after they are 18- to make sure that all of their Identification, and proper health care, not just physical but mental health care as well- is in place.

As far as I know there has been no Congressional oversight of the program since 1996. I would love to testify in front of Congress just like my father did.

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You are always taught as a kid not to lie. At 7 years old I was told to write my new name 1000 times because if I slipped up and told the truth about who I was I might get my whole family killed. That was their idea of counseling at the time. Just imagine how traumatizing that was.