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No for both of us.

One day we both collectively decided not to do a stunt when we were going to go down a ski slope in Donner's Pass. There was a negative feeling on set since someone had died on the slope that day. When there is a feeling of negativity associated with a stunt, we decide to not continue with it. - JK

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The stunt I regret doing the most is the glove of bullet ants. That was the most dreadful thing I've done. I don't regret the bullet ants, because it made me become a man. - CP

I have no regrets! My favorite stunt is when Ryan Dunn put the toy car up his butt in Jackass 1 - JK

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Thank you for asking. Butterbean was definitely okay. - JK

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I would love to do a Wildboyz reboot, I don't think it will be called Wildboyz, but I would love to do another nature/adventure show. And I want Knoxville to be on it with me. - CP

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I would have probably been working minimum wage job and may have done time. - JK

I probably would be working for some magazine - CP