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Color me old but I have a hard time trusting anything digital being a reliable means of getting real news, however I can see me using your platform to checkout whats going on with the Kardasians. How can you a credible source of news?

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I've been meaning to ask someone at SETI this question, why would you think an advanced beings who have the means to travel millions or billions of light year away from home planet would use anything other than quantum communication? wouldn't you think they've have gone past these limited communication method we use now? in the next few hundred year we could possibly are able to travel farther and faster, don't you think there has to be a faster way to communicate? and instead of spending all of our efforts in finding alien signals it would have been better spent on improving ours?

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Probably they abandoned it right after they found instant communication, we'd be watching their version of "I Love Lucy"

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What are your plans on fixing access to Blacks beach?

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Carrier photons are no longer required based a recent study, if you want to go simple why don't we check smoke signals or telegram to send signals to other intelligent beings in the galaxy