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Not OP, but he seems to have skedaddled. I had this surgery about a year ago. The numbness in my lower lips went away about 6 months in and the only feeling I've lost is sensation in my upper gums, which I don't super care about. Even that seems to be getting better. Nerves can take a VERY long time to heal. If there's no pain involved, she'll barely pay any attention to it. A bigger problem will be not noticing food stuck to her lips. When mine were still frozen, that was an issue. I could never feel anything there and I looked pretty gross eating. Tell her to keep updating her oral surgeon and ask whatever questions she needs to. Jaw surgery is expensive, she's earned those calls.

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Looks like you're done, but on the off chance you come back....

Have there always been 'maned lionesses' like the ones mentioned in the article, or are they a relatively new phenomenon? http://www.wilderness-safaris.com/blog/posts/mmamoriri-the-maned-lioness

Do you agree with Dr. Hunters theory, that it happens in in utero? If not, what are your thoughts - and what triggers female lions to behave like males?

Thanks for doing this AMA!