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Welcome Sai King! Huge crazy fan here and I'm SUPER excited for "Doctor Sleep"!

Well I've got my DT shirt on for ka to blow my way today! I've decided on 2 short and friendly questions!


Number 1: As I'm in-between King novels, I've picked up a few books to keep me in pages - some are old reads for me, others new, (Ender's Game being my current fave). My question is, what is one of your favorite "old shoe" reads? One of those comfy books that a person returns to now and again for a warm revisit?

Number 2: Im a giant cookie-monster, and I was interested to know what your secret sweet-treat is! A snack/dessert that you just can't say no to, regardless of how horrible it may be for your waistline.

Long days and pleasant nights!

EDIT: Lucky shirt!

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I can't even imagine how terrifying it would be to go in for (what appeared to be) a horrible cold/flu and be told they're inducing a coma. I'm terrified of hospitals and having anxiety just imagining it.

Did you feel frightened when they told you, or were you too sick to care?