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It's not like you can die again

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The church of FSM was created as part of the new atheism movement, and you don't hear much more about it, because the new atheists have mostly won. As much as atheism is associated with neckbeards, you have to remember that 10-15 years ago, honest attempts to rationalize creationism, young earth, and worst of all, scriptural homophobia were quite common. Arguments for biblical literalism are so bad, and the centuries old debate iterated so many times, and parodied through FSM, invisible pink unicorn, Russell's Teapot so many times that it was very clearly shown as absurd. The cultural nail in the coffin was national gay marriage, and while clearly it has nothing to do with evolution, the most dogmatic types just kind of.....shut up after that. You don't see people trying to make arguments against evolution anymore, or if they do, they've mostly retreated to echo chambers.

I'd like to think the FSM helped us a little bit to get us to this point. Ramen!

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Assuming Yo-Yo Ma is the eternal God-emperor, who wins the YouTube cello battle royale among Tina Guo, ThatCelloGuy, Steven Nelson, Sarah Joy, Vesislava Todorova, and Hauser?