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I am most curious how you feel a woman would fair doing something like this.

I feel men are more able to be safe than women, because many see women as "less than" in some countries or weak and easily taken advantage of.

I think I would love this, perhaps not as long as 5 years, but for a decent amount of time.

But the safety aspect always has me stopped short.

Also, you spoke of cheap foods that you make. How is it that you dont partake of the local foods?!

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I'm in Occupational Therapy!

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Do you dabble in all relationships? I saw you mention lesbian erotic novels as well as het, but do you also write gay/trans/poly novels as well? I often read male gay romance novels with some hetero stores sprinkled in as well, so was curious what types you like to write.

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Ah! I understand. That makes sense, what with marketing to your audience. I think it's kinda ridiculous they were upset about that character having a het relationship even though she could be attracted to females. The fandom world can be vicious. (I didnt mean to not mention bi, I wasnt being exclusatory, I simply forgot.)

I guess I just wondered if you wrote different pairings under different pseudonyms or if you had specific pairings you liked to write.

I hope your lesbian romance wins out in the end. :) Thanks for answering my question.