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Limited edition holographic. Nice!

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This is fantastic. A dude swam from the rig to the UK and was given a knighthood by the Prince of Sealand. A german businessman and some dutch dudes tried to invade, but Prince Michael came back and reclaimed it. They've issued passports. There must be such a saga here.

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I've been out of the industry a while, but I distinctly recall how much of a pain it was for my drafting team to put together a decent library when we first started using Revit.

I have a three areas I'm curious to hear your opinion on.

First: you refer to yourselves as a marketplace. Am I to understand that your business model is the creation / collation of BIM objects at a number of LoDs with some kind of library or individual model access fee, in the same vogue as Standards Australia with building codes? If so, how do you plan to ensure equity in access for small to medium enterprises, which make up the majority of the industry and are often cash-flow sensitive?

Second: most manufacturers for key equipment (particularly in mechanical services) offer their own BIM objects on-demand, typically at no cost, though with varying degrees of difficulty (mostly time-related) to retrieve. How do you interface with the Daikins, Siemens, and Carriers of the world to promote BIM uptake and ease of use? Are there issues with different regional standards for modelling and varieties of equipment?

Third: rather open-ended one here. We all know the industry is generally slow to change, as skills acquisition for both management and modelling staff is time consuming and expensive, culture notwithstanding. BIM is the future, and I always felt like we were miles behind where we should have been; the collaborative digital lego approach to engineering was just... frustratingly delayed and inaccessible. What changes do you think need to be prioritised in the BIM status quo (libraries, software development, standards, management approaches, tiered UIs, whatever) to accelerate uptake?

As an additional aside: to what extent do you guys work with autodesk and other software providers to integrate your offerings with their platforms? Are you pursuing embedded plugins and such?