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No that would be part of his cocaine business.

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When it came to memorizing the algorithms did you memorize them in the order they are listed on the ruwix website or did you just solve the first two layers then memorize the required algorithms to solve it? Also did you memorize as exploded:

(R U R' U) R' F R F' U2 R' F R F'


Sexy Move R' F R F' U2 R' F R F'?

It's relevant to me because I'm at the point where the only way to improve my solving time is with the memorization of all of those.

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Pretty sure oceanic ships are the only thing keeping the printed porn mags in business.

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As far as 2 is concerned there is a separate scale that skews everything to the hot side of the graph based on how long you've been out to sea. After a the third month out to sea even the 1's, 2's, and 3's have to turn the sailors down 'cause even they don't want to smell the 'amine.

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Authorities have already shut him down. He's on his way to the nearest organ harvesting facility.