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If anyone was wondering what class looks like, this reply is it.

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A (male) friend of mine that was a junior national said that while its great the USA brought home gold, no one on either team really wanted to win or lose by shootout. He said winning by shootout in a final is considered bush league by players, and the IOC should give the players the chance to win via regular play. How accurate is his statement?

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Do you blast this song daily?


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I have a car with leaky seals (sunroof I'm guessing) and has now mildew. Is it cleanable? How do you fix the mildew issue, how much should I expect to pay a detailer to fix?

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I play tube amps (mesa boogie mark V currently), and find solid state circuitry to lack feel. It seems tubes are able to react to the players input. The only pedal that has ever come close to the feel of tube distortion is a modified version of the hughes and kettner tube factor by a german group called the tone hunters. Peavey's transtube line was the closest all solid state circuitry I've played that had a bit a feel, however it very much only had one sound. This goes for modeling suites as well like guitar rig or eleven. It seems most builders only try to recreate the sound, and ignore the dance that the guitar player has with his subtly changing sound. Knowing this, i have a few questions:
How would you try to sell me on pedal based overdrive/distortion?
Do you ever think about recreating a tube feel vs just a tube sound?
A lot of people boutique builders are still using off the shelf parts solid state parts like the 4558 to get distortion, are you going to bring something completely new to the game, or just build pedals around fairly standardized parts like this?