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itsmrnoodles2 karma

What astonishes me is the professor’s complete lack of rationality in a position where he has influence on the minds of numerous other students. That inability to feel empathy is the reason the gun debate is so hot - neither side of it appears to understand what the other side wants, and therefore no constructive middle ground can be found.

As a survivor of a school shooting years ago, I completely understand now what it is you were trying to say: we need to empathize with the shooter because we all respond irrationally in our pain or anger etc (by taking it out on a SO by being irritable for example). Myself almost a decade ago the day after my school shooting? Not so much. And that’s being said with the token of info that I knew the shooter through mutual connections and had no hard or negative feelings against him until that point.

It’s all in the timing my dude. I’m glad you got a piece of your justice.