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itsmehellooo3 karma

Trump never said that. He said if you vote by mail you better go to the polls and ask if your vote is showing as counted. And if it's not counted, to make sure you get your vote in. Also the signature on my license looks absolutely nothing like my signature. It was signed digitally with my finger and looks super sloppy...nothing like my actual signature.

itsmehellooo1 karma

What's so hard to understand? Trump was very clear. He did not say "go vote twice". He said if you're voting by mail go up to the polls to see if it was counted, and if not make sure you vote. Go hear it right now for yourself..and not from CNN.

itsmehellooo-5 karma

What happens when the person verifying the ballots is corrupt? Nobody asked for my signature so how do they even get the signature to compare? Clearly this opens the doors WIDE to fraud. I will be voting Trump 2020 at the polls where I know it won't be stollen :)