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Two questions:

  • Tabs or spaces?
  • When/How did you learn to touch type and do you recommend learning how?

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What made you switch to Colemak? I know people like CGP Grey have switched to different layouts for RSI reasons. Seeing you’re on a split keyboard and use ergo products, did you switch because of that? What made you choose Colemak over other layouts?

I’ll give my pup some pets for ya. She’s currently taking a nap under a pile on blankets on my lap.https://i.imgur.com/JD4nbMs.jpg

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As our world becomes increasingly connected, what is the best way for the average citizen to protect themselves from mass surveillance?

For example, would it be safer, objectively speaking, to own a certain type of phone/software/etc.? If so, what possible tradeoffs would there be to maintain the highest level of security?