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its_ryanmiller15 karma

You did a Sonny Koufax from Big Daddy figure for me! Thanks again, man. Do you ever get requests to do a loved one/would you be open to doing "normal" people (if someone commissioned you)?

its_ryanmiller1 karma

Thanks for doing this! Any idea why all antidepressants seem to make me feel like a zombie? I've tried so many different ones (Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, Lexipro, etc.) and I have to give up on them because I have absolutely no energy. I tried them each for a few months and it never works out. I have bad panic attacks (while driving, specifically) and the meds help, but the lack of energy doesn't make it worth it, unfortunately. No therapist or psychiatrist can quite get it right. Thanks in advance.