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Kidneys are generally the easiest to match (although still not easy) and it helps that both live and cadaver donors are possible.

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Hi Sarah, my wife is teacher for kids in middle school (ages 11-14) with learning disabilities and has one student with Turners. Is there anything you wish you could have told your teachers to make your academic life a bit easier? Or just anything you wish you could have told your teacher to do when you were that age?

edit: I said she teaches special needs earlier, but that wasn't quite accurate, so I switched it to learning disabilities.

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That would be very inefficient. It is best to use up the least efficient fuel first (per Scott Manley). Also, the biggest issue with taking the direct route, is that the delta-v required to stop would be very high, no matter what engine is used. There is always a trade-off between speed and efficiency.

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They are easier than lungs or hearts, is all that I meant. It is still difficult to match any organ.

Edit: HLA matches are not done for hear/lung, so it is probably easier to match them.