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probably some mix of

  • keep it mixed use
  • allow it to intensify
  • don't widen lanes / speed up streets / add highways just because we see congestion; allow public transportation infrastructure to naturally intensify to meet the needs

i lived in philadelphia and its walkable core is refreshingly nice.

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i'm absolutely loving your latest book, confessions, and loved the first one. just wanted to say i'm a big fan.

i'm originally from Norristown, PA - a town that was once relevant and walkable but now is just a blip on US route 202. i've heard people blame the King of Prussia mall for its decline, but seeing that it has the bones of a walkable community, but wasn't nurtured, is sad. they sold off the main parcel to a gas station / mcdonalds, sad stuff.

anyway, i guess my question regards the conversion of stroads to either streets or roads, and zoning. what needs to happen first? R1 zoning relaxing into mixed use / allowing to intensify, or stroad-to-street conversion first?

maybe stroad-to-street first for safety reasons? or zoning easing first to give an impetus to turn the street into a platform?

thanks again for everything. you've given me new appreciation for my hometown and walkable communities in general. i lived in seoul, south korea and now NYC, and am excited to see this movement grow

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he had some interesting points in strong towns about why intensifying to next step only, is preferred. a SFH turning into a 10 story apartment building probably doesnt make much sense

but SFH into duplex, then 4plex, then everyone on the block being 4plexes, transportation infrastructure fiscally solvant able to handle the density would eventually make a 10 story condo make sense?

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good point - i think most people in suburbia, usa, would appreciate being able to walk their dog to the local cafe, have a quick coffee, small chat with the neighbors, then walk home.

but there's a physical limit if each lot you pass on the way takes 30+ seconds to cross due to huge yards and whatnot. too sparse and a cafe couldn't support itself since only 50 homes are within walking distance

curious if there's examples of have your cake and eat it too towns like this. sounds like it's mutually exclusive

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great point, i appreciate the practical and realistic answer! best wishes and thank you for the reply