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I'd love to hear you call me angel. I say this as a heterosexual man.

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Of ALL time.

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How did you keep a straight face during this outtake? That caused me to burst out laughing in a Library when I first saw it.

Also, this is the Real Nathan Fillion. Not some faker in case anyone is still wondering. Proof

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I feel like that is just simple physics though. At speed, the Aero of an F1 car produces more force than the weight of the car (by a large margin, as in >2x it's weight). So yeah it would work in that sense (and to be clear that's all people usually mean when they say that).

Even as low as 130kph the Downforce is roughly equal to its weight. At 300kph (186mph), the 2008 ear cars were producing upwards of the equivalent of 3200kg (~7000lbs) of force (yes kg aren't "force" but this is how we talk about downforce), for reference the min weight (which all the cars were basically at) of the era was 702kg (~1550lbs) (with driver, no fuel). Lets call it 800kg with fuel. So even upside down, at 300kph, the force through the tires generating grip is the same as a car off 1400kg (about what a compact car weighs). Plenty to still put power through the wheels keeping the speed up.

The tricky bit is would the car/engine still actually run upside down (Edit: for any extended period of time that is).

Edit 2: To everyone saying flip the engine/modify the engine. Well then it can't really function as an F1 car anymore ;)

Edit 3: Added more detail.

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Probably not

So then there's a chance for clayton646.