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I was a volunteer at the Olympic Village for the London 2012 Olympics, and it was really curious to see the many different cultures and personalities from the countries around the World. I remember seeing a few North Korean athletes around the village, and the only way I could describe them are zombies. The looked dead behind the eyes, as if all the personality had been sapped out of them.

My question is: When you lived in North Korea, what was the general perception about the people living in the rest of the World?

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When you were first pitched the idea of the show, how many seasons did you think the show had the potential to do?

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Of late, many stories are appearing in the press tarnishing Russia's/Putin's image. So, it's hard for us, as unbiased people to know any similarities between Stalin, and Putin's time in office.

Do you see any similarities between both Putin and Stalin?

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We read all about these stories of torture camps in North Korea.

1- Was anything ever mentioned about these camps.

2-Did you feel at any point that your guides or the police/guards were acting up as well in fear of their lives?

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I love the chemistry between you and Jerome Flynn (Bronn), you guys seem to bounce off each other really well.

My question is: How hard is it to translate a relationship between two characters onto the screen with an actor/actress you haven't worked with?

Also, as a Brit, your grasp of our accent is quite superb. Great job.