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Hello! Congratulations on the Emmy nomination, SNL won't be the same without you. I fell off my chair crying with laughter at "MY NAME IS CLARK AND I LIKE BISCUITS AND WAFFLES" - where on earth did that character come from?!

(I'm posting this on behalf of my sister who is probably your biggest fan in England)

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Can you help someone into a suit if you are wearing one yourself, or are they too cumbersome?

If not, and an entire crew needed to suit up in an emergency, would the last person be stuck as nobody can help them into their suit?

I'm assuming for the Apollo missions they managed to do it as both crew members performed EVAs, but what about the more modern ones?

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What's the weirdest/coolest thing you've ever seen? I mean like atmospheric phenomenon, ball lightning etc

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The fireballs sound so cool! As an (aspiring) astronomer I've always wanted to see fireballs.

The moon sounds amazing - I assume it would rise slightly faster than usual too if you're flying towards it?

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Is there anywhere you really want to find a deal for, but haven't managed to yet?