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Ya encontramos el mexicano

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Great question! Marijuana lowers eye pressure, which is the ONLY treatment we currently have to treat the disease. The problem is that the effect only last 4 hours, so you would have to injest/smoke every 4 hours (even through the night) to have any effect. Its not a recommended treatment at this time, but there are people who do it. We have medications (drops/pills), laser and surgery which are more effective at lowering eye pressure for a longer duration, and so we go that route. There is also the negative effects of smoking that often which you need to consider.

Glaucoma is also a very slowly chaning problem over many years, so it would be hard to maintain that I think.

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Are you going to keep an eye on it?

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During my residency I did about 2000-3000 ocular procedures and now that I am out on my own I have done about 3000-4000 procedures (1300 cataracts) and none have been gouged out. During residency I did 4 enucleations/eviscerations (removing the eye) for various reasons, but they were not accidental.

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I try.