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You’re a current PhD student? Is the work you’re going to publish based off your grad research? How are you handling the conflict of interest? Are you sharing the patent with the school? If not, how are you legally doing invasive research?

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An American or European university? Bullshit.

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Yeah I think it’s all bullshit. He doesn’t describe any processing or technical details. Everything he says can be found on Wikipedia. But yeah the most obvious is his claim of somehow controlling who gets the IP. Human subject testing is really expensive. Invasive testing significantly more so. And the regulations are just crazy. If he thinks his university is going to pay for all that research and get nothing out of it, he’s nuts.

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Are you worried that this will affect your kids in a negative way?

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Yeah perhaps. A couple of his comments just don’t even make sense. But then, some PhD students don’t make sense, so perhaps I should give him a break.