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The SLS AMG Black Series. I saw one when I visited Mercedes-Benz of Manhattan in the Solar Beam Yellow/Night Package and boy that thing is something else.

Damn that's a sexy vehicle. It's easily on my top 5 dream car list for if I ever hit the Powerball.

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If you only use your book 2 or 3 times a semester that's a damn good deal.

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This ensures that if a book contains supplementary material (IE a CD or an online access code), that any/all items may be purchased separately -- each component individually priced.

Which turned out to almost be a bad thing. Now they still charge the bundle price for just the book, and you get the privilege of paying extra for the access code.

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But that's the point of this. They aren't targeting this for people that are hitting the books every night. This is for someone like me who wants to do the bare minimum to pass and do it cheaply. If you could be in fine enough shape by going to the gym only 3 times a month, you would do that.

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What if I told you that entire nation could simply forget about an NFL team? ESPN Films 30 for 30 presents Browning Out: The Story of the 2015 Cleveland Browns.