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... or as real as believing the son of god was here and now as a ghost personally listens to all of your thoughts

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This is awesome! You caught my eye with that last comment about OSRS.

What are your 3 favorite skills to work on?

(Second question if you'll indulge me)

What is the most common mistake guys make with their picture choices?

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wow this fits like a key to a lock.

so many embarrassing panic attack-esque situations and reactions just came to mind.

and the last section where it talks about how meditation and therapy can train your logical brain to beat your amygdala response... very interesting find. thanks.

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Well, shit. I know english pretty well. Here goes nothing.

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Yeah this whole thread is not being entirely honest about that area of medicine.

People who don't need it get 302'd all the time and stuck in a prison forced therapy community. From then on you better smile and be normal so you can hope to be treated like a regular person again.