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We put those Bluetooth things in her purse etc.

A week later her purse disappeared with $300 in it. Within her aged care village.

She had taken the Bluetooth thing out for no reason, since she had forgotten what it was.

She lost another purse with $50 in yesterday. The staff at her place are generally lovely but there’s clearly a thief around. Let’s face it, elderly people getting forgetful, a cash-only community: it must be like candy to a kid, to some dishonest person.

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Reasonably speaking the vast amount of people aren't going to notice your anus as you go about your business.

Hell, you wouldn't even notice it without a torch and a mirror.

Porn stars excepted, I can't see what all the fuss is about. If you have a sexual partner who sees it regularly, they'll know from odour and your general hygiene whether it's clean or not.

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Til the day I die, I will always ask myself why I didn't stay awake and put C back in his crib.

Because you were the loving parents of a new baby, and were tired and exhausted. I am so sorry for you both. There are so many of us who have only narrowly escaped similar.

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Out of interest what is the file size?

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It’s insane. They pay these huge monthly fees and there’s no earthly reason that a tab isn’t standard. Just add a monthly hair appointment to the bill, ffs.

Apparently this has been arranged privately and unofficially for a couple of residents, so we’re trying to fix that for her now.

They don’t even do EFTPOS, which is so standard in Australia now that you don’t even need to take cash to a fair or market. Everyone has some little Bluetooth thing and an iPhone for tap to pay. Yet in a fixed premises in a closed community that involves large enough amounts of cash to make merchant fees irrelevant (or hell, just put the prices up 5%) they can’t manage this?

It’s a joke. There’s also no ATM or cash machine in the village. So unless you have relatives visiting regularly, or can take the weekly trip to a nearby shopping centre (not possible for many of the frailer members) you’re stuck with keeping your life savings under your mattress.